Neuer Distributor für Portugal und Westafrika

Nafsa electromagnets and Morgado CA have reached an exclusive distribution agreement of NAFSA products in West Africa and Portugal.
Morgado CA is a leading company in the Portuguese market in the distribution of electrical and electronic equipment.
With this agreement, Nafsa continues its internationalization plan and now has exclusive commercial presence in countries like France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and now Portugal and West Africa.

Morgado CA Ltda

Estrada da Circunvalação 3558/3560

4435-238 Rio Tinto (Porto)

Neuer exklusiver Vertriebspartner für UK

Nafsa is pleased to announce the agreement reached with Solentec Ltd. for the exclusive distribution of NAFSA products in the UK.
Solentec Ltd. is a company located in Shildon – County Durham, leader in the field of industrial electromagnets, solenoids and holding electromagnets.

Weihnachtsferien 2015


Nafsa solenoids, will be closed from December 24th to January 6th, both included.

We wish you merry christmas and happy new year

Neuer Distributor für Frankreich, Belgien und Luxemburg

Binder Magnetic has reached an agreement to distribute exclusively Nafsa products in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

NAFSA and Binder Magnetic have signed an exclusive agreement to distribute our products in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The agreement is effective from July 2014.

Binder Magnetic is a leader company in the field of electromagnetism in France with more than 40 years of experience and with an extensive business presence throughout the French market. The company, who has got now 60 employees, is an innovative and recognized one that guarantees quality .


  • Address: 1 allée des Barbanniers, 92230 Gennevilliers
  • Telephone: 01 46 13 80 80
  • Fax: 01 46 13 80 99
  • Web:

Spezielle Hubmagnete aktualisiert

New datasheets have been generated for our custom/special made solenoids

There is available for customers new technical datasheets of our solenoids produced out of catalogue. These models are just a part of the solenoids we produce now a days. The ussual is not to have on stock these models because there are produced under demand and with a minimum purchasing order, the quantity to be asked will depend on the model. However there could be little carryover stocks and some small quantity could be deliver to the customer in case of there is a need of testing them before purchasing. Contact with NAFSA to check it´s availability.

Neuer Katalog 2011

New catalogue V2/2011 available 2011

The new catalogue version V2/2011 has got the same product series of the previous version V1/2010 and a new one within the bistable or latching solenoids, the ECI serie.
We have also add a new product to our bolt series, the CU20/C
On the other hand, the new structure of the datasheets shows a chart in which are shown the different voltage manufacturing possibilities for each model.

Neuer Distributor für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz

JS Magnettechnik has become the exclusive distributor for NAFSA products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

NAFSA and JS Magnettechnik have reached an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the NAFSA products in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets by JS Magnettechnik. This agreement was signed on April 2010.
JS Magnettechnik is an engineering company able to assess technically and commercially our customers.


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